Clickfunnels Alternative

If you ended up here you are no doubt fed up with Clickfunnels like I am.  Maybe you saw their pricing for what they give you and decided to find something new or different.

I am glad you did.  I want to introduce you to a Clickfunnels Alternative called 10xPro.
clickfunnels alternative

Why An Alternative?

10xPro Funnel Builder Is Far More Than A Mere Page Creation Tool. It Is So Much More. It’s your online business management platform.

Because you want to avoid Online Marketing Nightmares like I had when I started.

There are 3 Roadblocks Most Often Responsible For Killing Your Dreams Of Building A Successful Online Business.
My goal, your goal, should be to create an Online Revenue Marketing Engine.  A system that brings you money hour after hour, day after day.  It is entirely possible.  It’s not that difficult, there isn’t any secret that only a few people know.  You must be willing to work and be willing to learn.  This is the course I used to make my first $1000 online and what I learned in this course has made me over $100,000…so far.

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to invest proactively in systems. Technology systems and cognitive systems – that can help you achieve your goals.


Buy that course.  Learn that skill.  Use technology and leverage it.  Sure you could use a bunch of free tools and make a website, put content on it and hope.
Using some paid tools (a small investment) you can find the right content to create, you can make a faster website, you can save yourself TIME. 

Time, oh so important.  The sooner you start making money, the sooner you can make more money.  You can’t get time back.  But you can make more money!

The 3 business killers

  1. Waste & Entanglement
  2. Incorrect Advice
  3. Technology Tool Proliferation

Any one of these 3 killers can waste your money, sap your momentum, and drain your enthusiasm. All 3 together, can wreck your self-confidence, drain your bank account, and destroy your dreams (and your business).

I thank goodness every day I found a Clickfunnels Alternative, particularly 10xPro.

At First, I wasn’t Impressed with 10xPro as a Clickfunnels Alternative

You read that right, not impressed.

For one, I hadn’t heard of it.

Its easy to get caught up in group think.  I saw all these people using Clickfunnels, I thought…Thats what I need.

Second, I wasn’t that impressed with the some of the design elements of the 10xPro sales page (I’m still not).

They offer a $1, 30-Day TEST DRIVE….That caught my eye.
Only 2 things convinced me to take the $1, 30-DAY Test Drive:

I mean, after all it would take my time to investigate this Clickfunnels Alternative…

#1. I found out I could do ASK METHOD style quiz funnels.  Wooooo, that’s huge.  If you haven’t tried them, they work freaking great.  Like the one below.  You can also do survey funnels, and segmentation funnels using 10xPro (out of the box, no integrations other than my email list).

#2. I did some searching on Youtube and Found great video reviews on the 10xPro Platform.  Check them out here!

That’s it.

That’s how easily I could have missed out on one of the best purchases of my 19+ year entrepreneurial career!
You have no idea, how glad I am to have Risked MY $1 DOLLAR…

Get Your 30-DAY TRIAL of this Clickfunnels Alternative!

Create A Profitable Online Business

Just. Get. Started.

Seriously.  When I started out, that was the hardest part.  I didn’t know where to start. I read a lot, I couldn’t get myself to get over the FEAR. 

The fear of failure. 

The fear of not succeeding. 

That I didn’t start for almost a whole year.

Don’t make the same mistake.  One thing I have learned.  JUST SHIP IT.

What that means, is get started, get started today.  Do a little every day and always work towards your goal.

This Clickfunnels Alternative, 10xPro, can help you and with 30 days trial to get it done, you have plenty of time to have your headstart and make some money.

You can also check out the course that got me started, Click Here to check out what Kevin Hollerman is doing and doing well.

Let me show you how I landed a $10K, thats right 10,000 dollars.  USD, United states dollar,  Funnel Marketing CONTRACT partly because of the level of confidence I gained while testing 10xPro.

If you’d like to benefit from that help, do this.

Grab The 30-Day $1 TRIAL of 10xPro Using My Affiliate Link Here
(Note: I get paid if you continue to use 10xPro based on my recommendation).

Obtain your ORDER NUMBER or RECEIPT NUMBER from the $1 payment receipt sent to you from 10xPro.

Send us that order number to me.  Here is my email.  I will personally email you my Funnel Secrets, Tips, Tricks and advice.  Also you can stay in contact with me, I want to see you succeed on your journey.

Compare To ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Kyvio, and Others

How Flexible Is Your Favorite Funnel Builder??

Just about every kind of sales funnel you have heard of, or can dream up, is buildable with 10xPro, and often in one-click. After testing it for the last 4 months, I would have called it “The Easy Button”, but Staples probably has that name!

You can build all these kinds of funnels with 10xPro! Its Freaking Crazy

  • Appointment Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Email Opt-in Funnels
  • Facebook Group Funnels
  • Quiz / Viral Quiz Funnels
  • Survey Funnels
  • Facebook Ad Funnels
  • Book Funnels
  • ASK Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Ecommerce Funnels
  • Affiliate Funnels
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Online Course Funnels
  • High Ticket Product Funnels
  • Direct Mail Funnels
  • Platform Launch Funnels


Its Nuts.  You also get some great tools in this Clickfunnels Alternative, 10xPro

10xPro Tools

  • Landing page builder (and one-click, pre-built, landing pages via templates)
  • Thank You Pages (with one-click or “drag and drop” options galore)
  • Salespages (and VSL / Hybrid VSL pages, audience segmented sections, etc)
  • Order Pages (with order bump, customizable sections and one-click templates)
  • Upsell Pages
  • Livestreaming Q & A Video Play
  • Group Coaching Pages
  • Private Chat (One-on-one coaching pages).
  • Automated Webinar (a.k.a. “Evergreen Webinar”) Pages
  • Webinar Replay Pages
  • Product Launch Pages
  • Member forum pages
  • Membership Portal Login Page
  • Dynamically Personalized, Customizable Members Portal Home Page
  • Members “Forgot My Password” Recovery Page
  • Online course pages (Course landing pages, Course Module Content Templates)
  • Website content pages (Home page, Article pages, & Contact Page Templates)
  • Blog Content Pages (Blog post templates and Blog Category Templates)
  • One-Click Quiz Funnel Pages
  • Survey Funnel Pages
  • Viral Share Pages

And much, much, more …

Can your Clickfunnels Alternative do this?

Optin (landing) pages, content pages, salespages, order, upsell, thank you, livestream pages, webinar replay pages, video sales pages, podcast pages, quiz pages, survey pages, private chat pages, private group pages, launch pages, membership site pages, webinar pages, upsell, course pages, forum, pages, website home pages, blog post pages, blog category pages.

10xPro is insanely robust WITHOUT being hard to use…(It’s Actually FUN To Build With!)


All the tools are available for you to use.  They guide you through their use.  10xPro has them assigned to different scenarios and situations, so they help you decide how and when to use them.

Stocked with plenty of “one-click” templated “campaigns” (Funnels), pages, and advanced segmentation and conversion options (“boosters” like deadline funnels, countdown clocks).

I really enjoy using 10xPro create websites and funnels with!

I have tested dozens of software platforms and funnel tools over the years, I was a raving Clickfunnels fan.  Not anymore.  These tools can’t hold water compared to 10xPro. It is your go to ClickFunnels Alternative.