Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

Clickfunnels Review 2019 – ClickFunnels Review [2020]

Are you trying to build a website?

Are you trying to sell products online?

Then I’m sure you understand that converting your visitors into sales is hard work but essential.

Making yourself profitable? That’s even harder.

There’s a simple secret to increasing the value of every customer you offer to:

Sales funnels.

By creating a well-designed sales funnel, you can considerably increase your sales and offer more worth to your clients.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to ClickFunnels, the software I’m utilizing to build sales funnels for my company.

=>Want it? Click Here

You do not need any technical know-how to use it, and it will actually change the way you run your business.


If you’re ready to throw yourself into the ClickFunnels world, it has among the very best affiliate programs out there.

Clickfunnels Review 2019 - Clickfunnels Review 2020

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels was created back in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team. Since that time, Russell has turned ClickFunnels into a $100 million company and they just crossed over 100,000 active members since Feb 2019.  Just amazing success. Thats why we are writing this Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

Essentially, ClickFunnels is a software for building websites. It is centered around making effective Sales Funnels. With plenty of added features.

You can use to make full websites and develop:

  • Landing pages.
  • Squeeze pages.
  • Webinars.
  • Subscription sites.
  • Every kind of sales funnel you can think about, complete with order bumps, upsells and downsells.
  • Plus, with the highest-end ClickFunnels Platinum package you’ll even have the ability to start your own affiliate program (Backpack) and replace your e-mail service with Follow-Up Funnels.

You are getting a one-stop shop to create your web site and sales platform.

People from Realtors, To Cowboy Hat sellers, to internet marketers and more are having massive success.

Nearly 300 entrepreneurs have already created 1 million dollar funnels utilizing ClickFunnels.


Ready to try ClickFunnels?  Get it here!

What are the very best features of ClickFunnels?

My Favorite Feature: Easy To Use Drag and Drop Editor.

ClickFunnels provides the user an easy starting point with its funnel and page design templates, the ClickFunnels editor is where you can genuinely make each page in your funnel your own.

Pages in ClickFunnels are laid out utilizing sections that can have any variety of rows and columns.  Very similar to how bootstrap is setup, which is something you may have experienced in WordPress.

You use your mouse to drag elements around and place them where you desire them.

You still have access to CSS if you are wanting more control and you have all the SEO options and header code places you need.  It is still excellent and it can be utilized to accomplish practically any design you desire.

The editor is extremely user-friendly to utilize.  Anyone that can use a computer can make an excellent website in no time.

Picking components on the page and moving them where you desire is a smooth and easy process.

Text elements can be edited inline, and modifying any element’s properties can be done through the fly-out sidebar.

And unlike other editors out there, everything is arranged in a sensible way. You’re not spending a lot of time hunting for what you wish to do, it is very intuitive.  That’s why I wrote this Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020.

Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

Lastly, no coding is needed. You don’t have to invest time learning HTML or CSS or any technical things like that.

Best Feature: Funnel Templates

If you have never created a sales funnel before then ClickFunnels has you covered and you have a leg up.

What I really want to point out in this Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020, is that this tool is easy to use.

Russell has actually recognized 22 various types of funnels that he has actually used effectively in his own company.

The funnel types fall under 3 primary categories: Lead Capture Funnels, Sales Page Funnels, and Event Funnels. But there are some other unique funnels like Membership funnels you can develop as well.  These are all each very specific methods for driving, dividing and sorting your traffic

Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

They include easy funnels like the Squeeze Page Funnel which collects a visitor’s email address and after that sends them to a Thank you page when signing up.

There are also more advanced funnels like the 2-Step TripWire Funnel which offers a low-ticket front-end product (your tripwire) and after that upsells them to your more pricey products using Order Form bumps, and One Click upsells or downsells.  These are highly effective, because once you have someone wallet open, it is easier to get upsells.

In addition, each funnel type has its own set of totally free design templates and paid design templates. Even if you do not have any design abilities, your funnel pages will all have a constant, professional style.

Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

Here’s a brief summary of how to develop your very first sales funnel, 6 steps and you have a fully operational website ready to go.

  1. Pick the type of funnel.
  2. Pick a design template.
  3. Personalize each page to fit your business.
  4. Add your products and make sure all your email and payment integrations are set up.
  5. Set a domain for your new funnel.
  6. Save your funnel.

As soon as your sales funnel is live you can start sending out traffic to it!


Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020 Feature: Good Selection of Page Elements.

To make things easy when developing your pages and your funnels, make sure of Elements aka widgets.  ClickFunnels provides you a wide variety of them to use.

Fundamental elements of a website are Headline, Image, Text, Button, Input forms and Video widgets. Any software you use to build a landing page to a website should have these features.

ClickFunnels has these and more advance items also:

  • SMS Signup.
  • Surveys.
  • Pricing Tables.
  • Progress Bars.
  • Facebook Comments.
  • FAQ Blocks.
  • Countdown Timers.
  • Custom HTML.

To take things a step further there are Membership elements for your membership pages and order and shipping form elements for your order pages.

Each element can be easily personalized in the editor sidebar. With most elements, you can alter typical properties like background colors, margins, font styles, and positioning.

Then there are element specific properties like the image URL for the Image element or the Button text of your button.

Want to Earn Money?: The ClickFunnels Affiliate program is awesome.

Clickfunnels offers a very lucrative program for referrals.  It is one of the top reasons in this Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020.

The basics are as follows

The ClickFunnels affiliate program starts you off at 30% repeating commissions for every single referral you make and you can win cool prizes like $500 towards your very own dream car once you hit 100 active referrals.

You also earn 30% commissions by promoting any product in the ClickFunnels ecosystem.  These include books and products by Russell Brunson including DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets or perhaps the Software Secrets books.

And thanks to the ClickFunnels sticky cookie, you’ll also make commissions on any upsells that your referrals purchase as they go through their specific funnels.  So if they purchase a funnel premade by someone, you get a cut of that as well.

But that’s not all:

ClickFunnels also has another terrific function for affiliates or designers called share funnels.

Inside the Settings tab of any of your funnels, you can grab your Share Funnel URL.

When someone visits this URL, they will be able to include this funnel directly into their account if they are an existing ClickFunnels member. If they aren’t a member yet, they can sign up for the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial and then get your funnel added to their account.

How Do People Promote Clickfunnels?

There are unlimited ways to refer people to Clickfunnels.  A sample of the most popular are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Share Funnels
  • SEO
  • Solo Advertising
  • Video’s On Youtube

Let’s explore each method more in-depth. Our goal is to find a method that makes sense to you and that you can use to promote the tool.

SEO For Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

SEO is my jam, its how I like to do things. Sure it takes more time to start making progress. But, it requires little to no money to begin.  The results seem to last longer as well.

The basics of SEO, is to create quality and helpful articles (such as this one).

We design our articles to rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, so people searching for key terms find them when they are searching.

It can take a while to rank, once it does, a well written article can bring in visitors for many years to come; with minimal upkeep.

This is my favorite method, because I do not want to sink a good deal of money into paid traffic. The con about compensated visitors, is that although it’s possible to get traffic quick, you have to constantly keep sinking money into advertisements, or the traffic ceases.  Which we will get into next.

After all.  If I can spend $20 to make $50, I will do that all day, what a trade.  But you have to know what you are doing.

Facebook Ads

One of the most often used methods is Facebook Ads.  So much so, that Clickfunnels teaches you how to do this in their training, Affiliate Bootcamp.

Marketing on Facebook is typically done via Russell Brunson’s books, Either Dotcom Secrets, or Expert Secrets or Traffic Secrets.

Does this work?  Sure, but I don’t want to risk to many dollars on this process.

Now, some people offer you a complimentary lead magnet, to get an email address; and at the follow up try and get the client to choose the free + transport book offer.

This turns out to be a far more effective approach if you’re wanting to go the Facebook advertisement route.

Email Marketing

This method can work in conjunction with paid traffic (advertisements), or as a stand-alone entity and with SEO.

First off, you have to get an email list built first. You would like the list to be built with an audience interested in making money online (also known as the MMO niche).

Another audience that may do nicely as a Clickfunnels Affiliate, is if you have business contacts on your list. Especially those in a niche such as Health, Real Estate, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition.

Once you build this list, you will market Clickfunnels in the follow-up emails to your audience. You do this by providing a ton of free value, or a lead magnet. Or, even a share funnel, which we’ll discuss next.

It has been stated that it requires somewhere around 7 times of viewing something on average, until they purchase; the goal here would be to keep showing them the worth of Clickfunnels.

The final result will be that a certain proportion of people may end up accepting the free trial of Clickfunnels. Once they do, provide them advice, or free tools to assist them along.

The end goal is obviously you want them to become a paying subscriber, where you’d make a recurring commission for every month that they stay.

>>Try Clickfunnels Risk Free for 14 Days<<

Share Funnels

This is a very effective way of getting Clickfunnels trials. Basically what you are doing is providing the people that sign up with free funnels to use in their business.

What you do, is drive traffic to a landing page, get peoples email, where you then give these away funnels at no cost.

The purpose here, is for people not to be Clickfunnels members already, so they’ll need to sign up with your connection, then import the funnel in their dashboard.

Not only does this work, it is a great way to provide value to your audience. This is a win-win ordinarily.

The new subscriber instantly includes a funnel, which can potentially allow them to begin collecting trials immediately. Also at precisely the same time, it lands the Clickfunnels consumer that provided the funnel, new trials. From there, you’d send some useful followup emails, together with guidance about the best way to land the traffic, and how to turn them into paying members.

Most likely, you will also be receiving emails out of the funnel builder. Because just like you are trying to convert trials along with your funnel, they’re trying to convert you.

It’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Because in order for this to be effective, you need to get traffic naturally. This may be done by paid traffic, email advertising or SEO; which we have previously talked about.


Great Feature For Beginners: Training is wonderful.

Want to make yourself a better marketer? Then the FunnelFlix training is a fantastic resource that everyone can benefit from.

There’s an entire collection of ClickFunnels focused content including the:

  • 30 Days book videos
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Product Secrets
  • Funnel University

Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

What I don’t like about ClickFunnels?

> Not Interested in ClickFunnels?  Try Out 10xPro <<

After all part of my Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020 has to be about the down side right?

Bad Part #1: It is expensive

$297.  Yeh to get all the future, you are going to be paying $297 a month.  Its pretty expensive, especially for a entrapeneur starting out.

I am a big proponent of paying for quality tools, that get you the results you want and save you time.

There is a $97 a month plan, it doesn’t include all the features and is a bit limited.  Which we get into next.

Bad Part # 2: Limits on funnels you can develop and visitors.

ClickFunnels limits you to 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors on their most affordable plan, the $97 plan. I’m actually not a fan of software products that limit you in this way.

If you are simply developing sales funnels for yourself, these limits are most likely okay.

However you might get more frustrated at these restrictions if you are doing client work, building funnels for several clients or promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate using share funnels.

You will require to upgrade to the Platinum plan if you wish to build unlimited funnels.

Bad Part # 3: Relatively High learning curve.

It can be overwhelming.  I get it, especially for a newbie.

However, there is really great training.

At the end of the day, it is easy to use and has a simple interface so you can get started if you are willing to learn.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

In time, ClickFunnels has evolved its pricing plans. In the beginning, they had 3 different pricing tiers, but they have since been combined into 2 separate plans.

How much is ClickFunnels as of this Clickfunnels Review 2019 – Clickfunnels Review 2020

<< Get your free 14-day trial here! >>

Presently, the cheapest ClickFunnels plan is $97 a month. On this plan, you get access to all the funnel creation tools, however you are limited to creating 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.

You also don’t get access to the added tools that give some great added functionality.  Follow-Up Funnels, their integrated email service provider and Backpack, which allows you to develop your own affiliate program.

To get access to that, you’ll require to choose the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. It includes everything, plus you get unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors. This will run you $297 a month.

As far as I can tell, there are no ClickFunnels discount coupon codes readily available.

However, you can purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for $2,997 which offers you 12 months of Etison Suite for free plus some extra bonus offers. This brings the cost to $249.75 a month.

ClickFunnels does make it easy for you to demo their service with their 14-day free trial. It’s not restricted in any way which lets you give the software a full test before you totally commit.

How is their support?

ClickFunnels can be a bit hit or miss, however, they’re working hard to improve the experience.

Support requests are generally answered within a couple of hours and I found the personnel to be quite helpful to all my concerns. If you’re looking for faster support, you can use the Official ClickFunnels FB group which I point out below.

Do I require my own domain?

You do not necessarily need your own domain name to launch a funnel, although I would recommend it. If you do not have one then your funnel URL will look something like

One good bonus offer that I didn’t know about is that ClickFunnels will purchase you your very first domain name totally free and even set up SSL on it for you. You can learn how to do this from the first game in the onboarding training.

Do they have an active community?

ClickFunnels has a huge community. There’s the official group on FB with over 230k members and the ClickFunnels Avengers FB group (for affiliates) that has more than 70k members.

Both groups are very active and it’s an excellent place to get answers to get feedback on your sales funnels and address any concerns you may have.

There are also a number of other FB groups run by ClickFunnels affiliates which are also extremely active. The main one I advise signing up with is Automation Nation. It’s run by Spencer Mecham who is ClickFunnels # 1 leading affiliate.

What’s the very best ClickFunnels training?

The very best ClickFunnels training in my opinion is the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s an extensive 30-day training that’s taught by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen. I’ve taken it three times already, and I’ve learned so much from it.

What integrations do they offer?

Although ClickFunnels has its own e-mail service provider via Actionetics, it also integrates straight with all the very best email services out there.

For payment gateways, ClickFunnels integrates with Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft,, and a few others. The one limitation with using Paypal though is that it does not support One Click Upsells or One Time Offers. That’s why I would extremely advise opting for Stripe if you can.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

For $100 you get to jump start your use of sales funnels.

You’ll also get a lot of extra training and bonus offers that consist of:

  • Coaching
  • Interviews with experts and high dollar earners


This is the plan I am currently on after Funnel Hacks was phased out. While it’s not as good an offer price-wise as Funnel Hacks, you do get a lot more training and the year of Funnel Scripts is worth quite a bit.

>> Get the one funnel away challenge here <<

Is ClickFunnels a rip-off?

I believe ClickFunnels gets some unfavorable buzz because of all the affiliates who are trying to promote it.

But no, ClickFunnels is not a scam. It’s absolutely the real deal.

It’s a terrific software with a fantastic affiliate chance. There are a lot of examples of individuals utilizing ClickFunnels to construct 6 and 7 figure businesses.

When individuals ask, “How do I develop a sales funnel”, ClickFunnels is the # 1 response hands down. There’s no other software that can do everything that ClickFunnels does at the moment.

Is it perfect? Of course not. Like every product, it has its own flaws and annoyances. It’s extremely good, and will keep enhancing in the future.


What else is ClickFunnels utilized for?

Creating standard sales funnels, there are many methods marketers are utilizing ClickFunnels right now in their business.

It’s excellent for developing opt-in funnels to assist you create more leads and develop your email list.

You can create webinar funnels to help you grow your brand name and sell your product or services.

And you can use it to create membership sites where you can gate your premium material so that it’s accessible just to subscribers.

You can start a website agency easily with the Clickfunnels software.  It allows you to create nice websites, quickly and easily.

What Can ClickFunnels do for you?

Firstly, you need to have a services or product to offer. If you do not have something to offer, then don’t even bother checking out ClickFunnels before you do. Unless you simply wish to promote it as an affiliate.

Next, you need to be happy to invest money and time into developing your value ladder and building out your entire sales funnel.  You want to design the customer experience, what steps will they go through and what do you want to get out of them?

That means at least creating a lead magnet or low-cost tripwire product to get clients into your funnel. And after that developing proper upsells, order bumps and other OTOs that complement or enhance your main product offering.

If you’re uncertain how to begin, I would have a look at Russell’s own multi-million-dollar sales funnels to give you inspiration. Read his book DotCom Secrets where he explains exactly the why and how of developing sales funnels and how to tell stories to sell your products.

>>Get your 14-day FREE Clickfunnels trial here <<


Clickfunnels Alternative

Clickfunnels Alternative

If you ended up here you are no doubt fed up with Clickfunnels like I am.  Maybe you saw their pricing for what they give you and decided to find something new or different.

I am glad you did.  I want to introduce you to a Clickfunnels Alternative called 10xPro.
clickfunnels alternative

Why An Alternative?

10xPro Funnel Builder Is Far More Than A Mere Page Creation Tool. It Is So Much More. It’s your online business management platform.

Because you want to avoid Online Marketing Nightmares like I had when I started.

There are 3 Roadblocks Most Often Responsible For Killing Your Dreams Of Building A Successful Online Business.
My goal, your goal, should be to create an Online Revenue Marketing Engine.  A system that brings you money hour after hour, day after day.  It is entirely possible.  It’s not that difficult, there isn’t any secret that only a few people know.  You must be willing to work and be willing to learn.  This is the course I used to make my first $1000 online and what I learned in this course has made me over $100,000…so far.

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to invest proactively in systems. Technology systems and cognitive systems – that can help you achieve your goals.


Buy that course.  Learn that skill.  Use technology and leverage it.  Sure you could use a bunch of free tools and make a website, put content on it and hope.
Using some paid tools (a small investment) you can find the right content to create, you can make a faster website, you can save yourself TIME. 

Time, oh so important.  The sooner you start making money, the sooner you can make more money.  You can’t get time back.  But you can make more money!

The 3 business killers

  1. Waste & Entanglement
  2. Incorrect Advice
  3. Technology Tool Proliferation

Any one of these 3 killers can waste your money, sap your momentum, and drain your enthusiasm. All 3 together, can wreck your self-confidence, drain your bank account, and destroy your dreams (and your business).

I thank goodness every day I found a Clickfunnels Alternative, particularly 10xPro.

At First, I wasn’t Impressed with 10xPro as a Clickfunnels Alternative

You read that right, not impressed.

For one, I hadn’t heard of it.

Its easy to get caught up in group think.  I saw all these people using Clickfunnels, I thought…Thats what I need.

Second, I wasn’t that impressed with the some of the design elements of the 10xPro sales page (I’m still not).

They offer a $1, 30-Day TEST DRIVE….That caught my eye.
Only 2 things convinced me to take the $1, 30-DAY Test Drive:

I mean, after all it would take my time to investigate this Clickfunnels Alternative…

#1. I found out I could do ASK METHOD style quiz funnels.  Wooooo, that’s huge.  If you haven’t tried them, they work freaking great.  Like the one below.  You can also do survey funnels, and segmentation funnels using 10xPro (out of the box, no integrations other than my email list).

#2. I did some searching on Youtube and Found great video reviews on the 10xPro Platform.  Check them out here!

That’s it.

That’s how easily I could have missed out on one of the best purchases of my 19+ year entrepreneurial career!
You have no idea, how glad I am to have Risked MY $1 DOLLAR…

Get Your 30-DAY TRIAL of this Clickfunnels Alternative!

Create A Profitable Online Business

Just. Get. Started.

Seriously.  When I started out, that was the hardest part.  I didn’t know where to start. I read a lot, I couldn’t get myself to get over the FEAR. 

The fear of failure. 

The fear of not succeeding. 

That I didn’t start for almost a whole year.

Don’t make the same mistake.  One thing I have learned.  JUST SHIP IT.

What that means, is get started, get started today.  Do a little every day and always work towards your goal.

This Clickfunnels Alternative, 10xPro, can help you and with 30 days trial to get it done, you have plenty of time to have your headstart and make some money.

You can also check out the course that got me started, Click Here to check out what Kevin Hollerman is doing and doing well.

Let me show you how I landed a $10K, thats right 10,000 dollars.  USD, United states dollar,  Funnel Marketing CONTRACT partly because of the level of confidence I gained while testing 10xPro.

If you’d like to benefit from that help, do this.

Grab The 30-Day $1 TRIAL of 10xPro Using My Affiliate Link Here
(Note: I get paid if you continue to use 10xPro based on my recommendation).

Obtain your ORDER NUMBER or RECEIPT NUMBER from the $1 payment receipt sent to you from 10xPro.

Send us that order number to me.  Here is my email.  I will personally email you my Funnel Secrets, Tips, Tricks and advice.  Also you can stay in contact with me, I want to see you succeed on your journey.

Compare To ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Kyvio, and Others

How Flexible Is Your Favorite Funnel Builder??

Just about every kind of sales funnel you have heard of, or can dream up, is buildable with 10xPro, and often in one-click. After testing it for the last 4 months, I would have called it “The Easy Button”, but Staples probably has that name!

You can build all these kinds of funnels with 10xPro! Its Freaking Crazy

  • Appointment Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Email Opt-in Funnels
  • Facebook Group Funnels
  • Quiz / Viral Quiz Funnels
  • Survey Funnels
  • Facebook Ad Funnels
  • Book Funnels
  • ASK Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Ecommerce Funnels
  • Affiliate Funnels
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Online Course Funnels
  • High Ticket Product Funnels
  • Direct Mail Funnels
  • Platform Launch Funnels


Its Nuts.  You also get some great tools in this Clickfunnels Alternative, 10xPro

10xPro Tools

  • Landing page builder (and one-click, pre-built, landing pages via templates)
  • Thank You Pages (with one-click or “drag and drop” options galore)
  • Salespages (and VSL / Hybrid VSL pages, audience segmented sections, etc)
  • Order Pages (with order bump, customizable sections and one-click templates)
  • Upsell Pages
  • Livestreaming Q & A Video Play
  • Group Coaching Pages
  • Private Chat (One-on-one coaching pages).
  • Automated Webinar (a.k.a. “Evergreen Webinar”) Pages
  • Webinar Replay Pages
  • Product Launch Pages
  • Member forum pages
  • Membership Portal Login Page
  • Dynamically Personalized, Customizable Members Portal Home Page
  • Members “Forgot My Password” Recovery Page
  • Online course pages (Course landing pages, Course Module Content Templates)
  • Website content pages (Home page, Article pages, & Contact Page Templates)
  • Blog Content Pages (Blog post templates and Blog Category Templates)
  • One-Click Quiz Funnel Pages
  • Survey Funnel Pages
  • Viral Share Pages

And much, much, more …

Can your Clickfunnels Alternative do this?

Optin (landing) pages, content pages, salespages, order, upsell, thank you, livestream pages, webinar replay pages, video sales pages, podcast pages, quiz pages, survey pages, private chat pages, private group pages, launch pages, membership site pages, webinar pages, upsell, course pages, forum, pages, website home pages, blog post pages, blog category pages.

10xPro is insanely robust WITHOUT being hard to use…(It’s Actually FUN To Build With!)


All the tools are available for you to use.  They guide you through their use.  10xPro has them assigned to different scenarios and situations, so they help you decide how and when to use them.

Stocked with plenty of “one-click” templated “campaigns” (Funnels), pages, and advanced segmentation and conversion options (“boosters” like deadline funnels, countdown clocks).

I really enjoy using 10xPro create websites and funnels with!

I have tested dozens of software platforms and funnel tools over the years, I was a raving Clickfunnels fan.  Not anymore.  These tools can’t hold water compared to 10xPro. It is your go to ClickFunnels Alternative. 


Make Money Online

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Clickfunnels Alternative

Clickfunnels Alternative If you ended up here you are no doubt fed up with Clickfunnels like I am.  Maybe you saw their pricing for what they give you and decided to find something new or different. I am glad you did.  I want to introduce you to a Clickfunnels...

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